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850. LIKE NEW CONDITION INSIDE AND OUT! Model Trabant. Many Trabant owners' clubs exist throughout Europe and 601s have their fans all over the world. In 1974, a needle roller bearing was added to the connecting rod, allowing for a 50/1 lubricant to be used. Through the addition of a two-stage carburetor in 1984, the fuel consumption was brought down by 1/100 L/km. The Exterior paint is all original, ith just a few blemishes for its age, eally nice condition. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Overall, the design was praised, particularly on the then-modern double trapezoid design. St. Louis, MO 63074 128. Daniel Schmitt & Co. is located in beautiful and historic St. Louis, Missouri. However, after the fall of the Berlin wall, many Trabants were scrapped, as suddenly the residents of East Germany could buy western cars for the first . 1963 V8 Ford Falcon Futura. (much like the Leafs winning the cup). Beautiful 1954 Olds Starfire convertible with the Continental kit. Motorcycles for sale by Make & Model. Sorta-tricked out units expansion chambers, larger wheels/tires, etc. We empower classic and exotic car buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts with insights for the collector car industry - including market values, price comparisons, listing alerts and more. +$21.11 shipping estimate. I cant see any possible problems with that. The owner says that the car has recently been fitted with new tires and new brakes. Pre-Owned. KubelKraft is dedicated to building authentic reproductions of the WW II Kubelwagen. This oddball is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $7,499 and a buy it now price of $12,000. The main letdown was the pre-war DKW based engine that was competitive when launched, but from the late 1950s into the 1960s, small economy cars in western countries that used two-stroke engines were replaced with cleaner and more efficient four-stroke engines, as employed from the start in the Volkswagen Beetle. for more information feel free to email me at [email protected] give me a call at 954 774 7252#trabant #601 #trabantusa #ddr The average lifespan of a Trabant was 28 years. Where can I look for one already in the USA. The car: 1981 Trabant P601 De Luxe The owner: Richard Zabehlicky, 40, Tottenham The story: For about ten years I lived on and off in Prague, working in wireless communication, teaching English . Since 1986 we have sold thousands of cars both local and worldwide. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. Feel free to make an offer!You can contact me a. We just want one because using a Trabant to beat any other teams in a TSD event would be wildly entertaining. I really have to thank Barn Finder Roger for referring this car to us. Trabant Classic cars for sale near you by classic car dealers and private sellers on Classics on Autotrader. This Trabant is basically original, but it did undergo a repaint recently in its original color. I hate to see it go, but here is your chance to own a piece of Cold War history. Everything works as it should, ll lights, linkers, orn, og lights, asgauge, lock, indshield wipers, new clutch just installed, new tires on all 4's, rakes just serviced stops on a dime, new CD stereo has been added for driving fun. This Buick is finished in a two-tone yellow with black hard top covering a green interior. This car has been Meticulously maintained through out its whole life and it shows. All vehicles are sold in AS IS condition. 41 used Trabant 601 cars for sale from Germany. (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). As Daniel Schmitt & Co. reviews will attest, we focus on providing a world-class automobile shopping experience with thorough descriptions and detailed images - an absolute must in the digital age, when many of our classic and investment cars are sold online. Its just the outer panels that are made from Duroplast; theres a steel unibody underneath them. They will cruise at 60mph all day and can do 70mph+ for short stretches. Today, i bet 500 running daily drivers could bring back the smog of the 70s in So Cal. Have a closer look at our 2020 Audi R8 V10 Perform, Check out this beautiful 1976 Porsche 935 Kremer K, Featured Inventory - 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Slan, Daniel Schmitt & Co. More classic cars for sale; Trabant 601 S Sedan 1988 Trabant 601 S Sedan 1990 Trabant 601 1962 Trabant 500 (P50) 1988 Trabant 601 Rare Trabant 601 1990 registered in USA Popular makes. It has an aluminum 26 hp 600cc air-cooled 2 cylinder, 2 stroke engine mounted to a 4 speed, with reverse, front wheel drive transaxle. Chemists developed a car-eating bacteria, and the Trabi factory found a new business in shredding them for use in cement pavers. If so please use the bidding box above. To escape you need an airplane and not a car. Other Makes : Trabant 601 Station Wagon Trabant 601 Station Wagon 1988. Good luck to the happy new owner. Trabant 601 vs VW Kfer 1300. KB Special . . Nenron vetern. If it is not feasible for you to personally perform an inspection, we will gladly help facilitate an inspection by an independent service center of your choice and will make delivery arrangements of the vehicle for this purpose. I was there when the wall fell. List All | Trabant Parts . As we are . Originally, production was only planned to run from 1967 to 1971, but instead continued until 1990. For more information, please see our 500F. OK. 1949 Packard Super Deluxe Eight LWB Sedan19 hours$700Bid Now, 1995 Buick Riviera Supercharged3 days$2,000Bid Now, 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible3 days$1,550Bid Now. Its like driving side saddle, not right side or left side but middle side. 95 000 K. All purchases include an additional $385 processing fee which covers the processing of paperwork, pre-vehicle delivery costs, FedEx shipping fees, and a 30-day temporary registration plate so that the vehicle can be driven prior to the title transfer. from Japan. Best prices and best deals for Trabant 601 cars in Germany. Green models are popular with collectors as they are said to bring good luck. ONLY 1,337 ORIGINAL MILES (2,154 KM)! 437 trabant 601 germany used on the parking, the web's fastest search for used cars. Your daily digest of everything happening on the site. OOYYO. The body was modified from the previous P50/P60 variants of the Trabant, with a heavy emphasis on the front and roof area. You never see ineresting cars anywhere on the streets. With these additions, the top speed was measured to be 107km/h. and our California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. WELLY 1964 TRABANT 601 BLUE WHITE ROOF 1/24 SCALE DIECAST MODEL CAR. Trabants were produced in East Germany, DDR, from 1957 through 1991. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. Thats very cool, Jay E. I too have a small chunk that a friend hammered off the night the Wall came down. There are no mechanical guarantees, expressed or implied. Use Classics on Autotrader' intuitive search tools to find the best classic car, muscle car, project car, classic truck, or hot rod. Gerhardt-Ford . 209 Tachometr Trabant 601. Since we have no intention of setting this one on fire, thats not a consideration. . for sale | Classic Driver. More Trabant cars 3. 500 K Olomouc. . Many (if not most) Trabants didn't survive beyond the 1990s, after East Germany opened up to the rest of the world there were so many vastly superior cars that Trabants were often abandoned . 5,500.-. [7] However, the Trabant was a robust, functional and repair-friendly car, so many people developed a strong relationship to their Trabant. World Imports USA. 600 Jolly. Kindly allow up to 14 days from the date of sale for your vehicle to be delivered. In 1969 the new P62 version was offered with a 26PS (19.1kW) engine. Free returns manufactured by Veb Sachsenring, this car is most commonly seen in East Germany. We work closely with many banking institutions that understand and recognize the collector value of classic cars and view them as an investment, which allows us to help you get the financing you need so that you can have the car you have dreamed of. Actually, the Trabant 601 is the third generation of a model that was launched in 1958 as the P50. Alpha Romeo . Cookie Notice 1964 Trabant 601 station wagon bought this car in Transylvania Romania. 5 year / 100,000 additional Miles Powertrain Warranty! This is the \"people's car\", much like West Germany's VW. [12], The Trabant 601 is the subject of Jalopy, a 2016 roadtrip video game. Vintage DDR GDR Anker Trabant 601 plastic friction 1975-80 2.Ausfuhrung w. imper | Sammeln & Seltenes, DDR & Ostalgie, DDR | eBay! Sign in now to prevent your Saved Listings from expiring. In recent years, the car has become collectors' items, with growing popularity. International buyers: Whether you are looking to buy a foreign exotic car or a premium American classic car, Daniel Schmitt & Company is ready to help you find the automobile of your dreams. They were/are a terrible, car, much worse than a Yugo and could be bought for little or nothing. What do you plan to do with your Trabant? At least that's what the designers at Trabant would've had you believe. \"Trabis\" are very dependable and reliable. - TOP - [1.5. You are bidding on a Stunning 1967 Trabant S from East Germany. Well, Trabants are awesome little cars and lots of fun to have and to play with. He flew there on a whim, partied on the Wall and then flew back the next day so he could go to the Rose Bowl game with his alma mater USC representing. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! Or any metal for that matter. For sale CD Shop Magazine Auctions Sell. This must be a more luxurious version of the 601 because it has an under-dash storage tray. Kindly allow up to 14 days from the date of sale for your vehicle to be delivered. Made in East Germany 2 Cylin Trabant 601. 52,600 km Manual 10/1990 Gasoline 30 kW (41 hp) Monkey Cars Gebrauchtwagenhandel David Finke Finke DE-52152 Simmerath. Track recent comps for the classic or exotic cars you own - or the cars you want. Address. Finally, the Trabant also is a symbol for breaking through the wall in 1989. must love this car. Brand New. 1 4, 2 Millions used cars for sale. WINNERS UPDATE Question of the Week: What Car Did You Learn To Drive Stick In? Trabant for sale on eBay USA. For five hundred buck I would buy it, perform back half surgery and slap an Ls 3 in one, then it might be reliable! EngineType: Air cooled, 0.6-liter 2-stroke 2-cylinder. Classic Car Deals. When you manufacture a car for 27 years, and 2.8 million of them roll off the production line, then they cant be called rare. It starts and runs very well and is a lot of fun to drive around in. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. Check out the Drive Safety sign in the background! You are in the right place if you love Trabants! The 601 S is the Special Model, hich came with optional equipment like fog lights, ear white light and odometer. north tyneside council grants,

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